Book Review: Owning Our Future

The Emerging Ownership Revolution Marjorie Kelly

The biggest problems often seem less like problems and more like unavoidable features of reality – their permanence and ubiquity make them invisible. In her new book, Owning Our Future, Marjorie Kelly argues we now face a problem of this kind: ownership of corporations. We love this book.

Amazon Plays Hardball on Tax Avoidance in Texas

Texas is among many states subsidizing Amazon Corporation. State officials offered well over $250 million in tax exemptions — $100,000 per job created — to get about 2500 fulfillment center jobs. Then Amazon shut down the facility.


Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.

Give a Gift to Your Local Economy

Whether to patronize a chain or a locally owned business is not top of mind for many holiday shoppers, but it should be. It’s a choice that has profound implications for our economy.

Homegrown Businesses, Not Global Chains, Build Community Prosperity

Advocates for globalization ignore its costs, and consequently fail to recognize the advantages of local, homegrown businesses.

The Benefits of Buying Locally

Local business contributes to community health in ways of which many of us are unaware

Book Review: Big Box Swindle

Stacy Mitchell’s book offers a compelling case why uncontrolled proliferation of corporate chains undermines communities, competitive markets, and democracy.