Critical Thinking Curriculum

Here are some hands-on, practical ideas to get teachers and students started. We’ve only just launched this project, so visit often — you’ll see the list grow. We welcome your own ideas to add to the possibilities for helping our children become savvy media users!

Most of these activities are appropriate for grades 7-12. Feel free to adapt them to your students’ grades and ability levels.

Science and Health

  • Eat More Beef?
  • Is it Healthy to be Vegetarian?
  • Phony Science
  • Verifying scientific claims
  • Tobacco Advertising
  • Greenwashing


  • Media statistics
  • Graphs and Charts in Advertising


  • What if they’d had TV back then?
  • Historical posters
  • Eisenhower TV Campaign
  • Railroad Advertising and Westward Expansion


  • Basic Economics and Advertising


  • Political cartoons
  • Wag the Dog
  • Making a Political TV Commercial

English/Language Arts

  • Adjectives in the news
  • Sound Bites
  • Limited space
  • Channel One
  • Evaluating web sites for a report

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Other Critical Thinking Resources

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