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Reclaim Democracy! is devoted to restoring citizen authority over corporations, rather than repeatedly fighting harms caused by individual corporations. So why do we compile so much information on one company and assist communities resisting its power? Walmart impacts almost every part of North America and is magnet for citizen activism. We hope to help citizens and groups win local battles and then, win or lose, entice them to address structural problems and pro-active solutions to the core problem of runaway corporate power.

We selectively archive articles of lasting interest, including some that are pro-chain or otherwise oppose our positions. For more frequent news or commentary on Walmart, please see our links page.

Our work related to Walmart includes:

  1. Revoking corporations’ power to override local decision-making authority;
  2. Agitating for enforcement of laws that protect workers’ rights and safety;
  3. Stopping massive subsidies that flow to major corporate chains, unfairly handicapping independent businesses and precluding true market competition;
  4. Pushing for enforcement of anti-trust laws that have been all-but-ignored in recent decades
  5. Guiding people to pro-active models to support community-based business and halt corporatization locally ( & are great places to start).

Our pages on Corporate Personhood and Independent Business offer related information.

Selected Articles & Reports on Walmart and Big Box Stores: 2007-2012

(since other groups now devote more resources than we have available to track Walmart, we are no longer adding to this index)

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