Anti-Walmart and Pro-Walmart Groups and Websites

Anti-Big Box Chain and Pro-Local Business Groups

These groups pursue broader agendas than fighting Wal-Mart, but provide relevant material.

The New Rules Project

This group offers dozens of models for rules encouraging community empowerment and decentralization, limiting big box stores, and more.

American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA)

Helps communities organize proactively via local Independent Business Alliances that resist big box proliferation and help community-based businesses to thrive.

Big Box Toolkit

Offers a wide array of information and tools to help communities stop big box chains and support local enterprise.

The Center for Corporate Policy

This site collects many useful resources, focusing on federal policy that addresses the Wal-Mart’s power and impacts.

The site of anti-big box organizer Al Norman has many useful resources.

Community & Environmental Defense Services

Produces the useful and free guide, “How to Win Land Development Issues.

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National Anti-WalMart Websites and Blogs

Wal-Mart Subsidy Watch

This easily searchable database, compiled by Good Jobs First, allows users to find subsidies given to Wal-Mart and instances where the corporation fights local property tax assessments. Though not yet comprehensive, it’s a valuable tool.


A well-written blog with current news and mostly critical views on the corporation.

Making Change at Walmart (formerly Walmart Watch)

An extensive union-supported site

An enormous collection of articles on Wal-Mart (may not be active as of 2012, but huge archive)

Our Walmart

Not anti-Walmart, but a coalition of employees seeking to improve their treatment


Community Organizations Fighting WalMart or Big Box Chain Development in the U.S. and Canada

WE NO LONGER ARE UPDATING THIS LIST REGULARLY. While we periodically remove deal links, some sites may not be current and groups may have disbanded.

Flagstaff: Friends of Flagstaff’s Future 
Riggs: Riggs Residents for Retail Diversity

Atascadero: Oppose Wal-Mart
Chico: Chico Cares
Hercules: Friends of Hercules
Humboldt County: Healthy Humboldt
Los Angeles: Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy 
Marina: Citizens Against Walmart in Marina
Oakley: Save Oakley Now 
Rosemead: Save Our Community
Vallejo: Vallejoans for Responsible Growth
Ventura: Central Coast Alliance United for A Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)
Westlake Village: WLV United

Frisco: Frisco Business Alliance (defeated Home Depot- report )
Longmont: Longmont Residents for Responsible Development

Canton: Canton Advocates for Responsible Expansion 
Stafford: Stafford First 
Simsbury: Simsbury Homeowners Advocating Responsible Development
Watertown: Concerned Citizens for the Preservation of Watertown

Miami-Coconut Grove: Coconut Grove’s Stakeholder Community
St. Petersburg and Orlando: WARN
Tarpon Springs: Friends of the Anclote River

Moscow: Yes Moscow, No SuperWalmart

Glen Carbon: Glen-Ed Citizens for Fair Growth
Springfield: Southwest Springfield Neighbors Association

West Lawrence: West Lawrence Neighborhood Association

Newport: United Against Wal-Mart in Newport, KY

Crofton: Crofton First

Amherst: Stop Sprawlmart
Hadley: Hadley Neighbors for Sensible Development 
Wayland: Citizens Against Reckless Development
Worcester: Worcester First!

Bedford: Bedford Watch

Baldwin: UFCW local 655

New Jersey 

New York 
Alden: Alden Residents for Responsible Growth 
Ballston Spa: Concerned Citizens for Smart Growth
Bath: Bath NY Group – Contact RD
Brunswick: Brunswick Smart Growth 
Geneseo: Association for the Preservation of Geneseo 
Liverpool: Liverpool First 
New York City: Wal-Mart Free NYC 
New York City: Neighborhood Retail Alliance 
Saranac Lake, North Elba: Sound Adirondack Growth Alliance, plus this blog.
Tompkins County: Tompkins County Living Wage Coalition 

North Carolina
Waxhaw: Alma Village HOA

Cleveland: No Cleveland Wal-Mart
Liberty Township: Liberty Township Powell Neighborhood Watch Foundation 

Beaverton/Cedar Hills: Save Cedar Mill 
Bend: Our Community First 
Gresham: Gresham First
Portland (Sellwood/Ardenwald): Neighbors Against A Sellwood/Ardenwald Walmart
Portland: Save Madison South

Bloomsburg: Downtown Bloomsburg, Inc.- Contact RD
Dillsburg: Carroll Citizens for Sensible Growth

Allandale: Responsible Growth For Northcross 
Austin: Responsible Growth for NorcrossACRCLE
Highland Village: Highland Village Unite
Lake Highlands: No Big Box, No Way

Statewide: Vermont Wal-Mart Watch
St. Albans: NW Citizens for Responsible Growth

North Snohomish: North Snohomish Community Matters

Spooner: Washburn County First 
Sturgeon Bay: Door County Residents for Fair Enterprise

Gibsons, BC: Sunshine Coast Citizens Concerned with Responsible Development

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Pro-WalMart Websites

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. corporate website

Keeps up-to-date information about store numbers, profits, and much more. Links to numerous other company websites can be found here.

Wal-Mart Space (inactive since 2007)

This blog’s editorial content is updated infrequently, but it contains up-to-date business and financial information in user-friendly format.

Consider purchasing a corporate logo flag (the American flag with corporate logos in place of stars), to show your objection to corporate personhood and raise awareness of the problem.