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Projects to understand how math and statistics in the media can distort and manipulate our perceptions

Science and Health

Projects to help students understand how science is used and misused in the media to influence public opinion

The 500-Pound Gorilla

Corporations make money by selling books and tests, while many more sell other things to children. The third way that schooling can be milked for profit is by letting corporations take over the management of the schools themselves, or even allowing them to own schools outright as they would a car dealership. Opportunities for such businesses have greatly expanded as a result of a movement simply to privatize education.

The Great American Sell-Out

The management of one of our national treasures — the Smithsonian Museum — threatens to plumb new depths in pimping the public domain to corporate interests. A preliminary deal awaiting consideration by the Smithsonian board of regents would sell General Motors Inc. naming rights for the institute’s new hall of transportation for $10 million.

Betraying Public Education in the Name of Reform

Headlines after the Colorado State Legislature passed Governor Owens’ school reform package declared victory for Owens. Unfortunately Owens’ win is a huge loss for many children in public schools throughout Colorado.