Reclaim Democracy’s  primers contain many additional resource references as well as concise, focused introductions to issues we address. They’re great education/outreach tools and all may be freely copied and distributed in their unaltered form.

Note: all these items are pdfs (portable document format) to enable you to print flyers of distribution quality. We’re happy to send a top-quality master if you plan to distribute large quantities (we can insert your local contact information). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these flyers.

What You Can Do (To Revive Democracy and Revoke Corporate Power)
a collection of ideas and resource references for both individual and group action.

Corporate History Primer
our surprising history of citizens wielding authority over corporations holds many keys to progress.

Inherent Rules of Corporate Behavior
Understanding the nature of corporations a prerequisite for effective strategy development and action. This primer is an excellent starting point.

Recommended Reading List
suggests books, periodicals, and videos for information on corporations and democracy

Resources Available from Reclaim Democracy
lists of all of the materials available on this page + books and action kits we distribute (includes ordering coupon). Legal size document.

What Would Democratic Elections Look Like?
offers an overview of eleven core changes needed to realize democracy

Issues and Legal Precedent in State Campaign Finance Reform
a five-page introduction to developing local and state campaign reform, with a model state initiative.

Establishing Debates to Serve Democracy
the why and how of our campaign to establish the Citizens’ Debate Commission

Popular Articles Formatted as Fliers

From Protest to Rebellion
Our most frequently requested article analyzes the scope of challenges we face to revitalize democracy and draws both inspirationand strategies from the American independence movement.

A Missing Foundation for Democracy: The Right to Vote
A great American myth exposed!

Branded: Corporations in Our Schools
Documents the dangers of corporations in our schools and tools for resistance

Environmentalists: Let’s Stop Wasting Our Time
Effective environmentalists are tackling corporate power at the roots. Here’s why.

Antitrust, Books and Ideas
Are chain bookstores a threat to democracy? Read some surprising facts about the book publishing and retailing businesses.

Killing for Capital–and Going Unpunished
Ford and Firestone executives knew their products were killings people, yet continued to sell the deadly products while concealing the dangers. So where are the indictments?

The Benefits of Doing Business Locally
Promote political democracy by practicing economic democracy.

Building a Culture of Freedom
Defending liberty at a dangerous time for the Bill of Rights

Is This Land our Land?
“Fee Demo” and the Threat to Corporatize Public Lands.