NY Times’ National Editor Says It’s Not His Job to Distinguish Truth from Fiction

No doubt there are many days when editors, even at the largest news outlets, have too many articles to read thoroughly and let a mistake slip through. Perhaps even a serious mistake like that made last Monday in the New York Times. Only this was on the front page. And instead of correcting obviously bad […]

U.S. Conference of Mayors Takes Stand Against Corporate Personhood

The U.S. Conference of Mayors recently signed a resolution stating that corporations should not receive the same legal rights as natural persons do, that money is not speech and that independent expenditures should be regulated.

Kicking the Coal Habit

Coal isn’t far behind firearm homicides or drunk driving in killing people in the US, annually causing 24,000 heart attacks, 217,600 asthma attacks, and dispatching 13,200 Americans. No wonder so many citizens increasingly oppose its use and export.

Roots of Rebellion: Why Montana is the Only State to Reject Citizens United

A long history of corporate abuse, which includes bribery of state legislators, environmental abuses, and manipulation through ballot initiatives, has led Montanans to take strong measures to protect themselves.

A Stain That Won’t Wash Away

Two years after a series of gambles and ill-advised decisions on a BP drilling project led to the largest accidental oil spill in United States history and the death of 11 workers on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, no one has been held accountable.

Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to Free Democracy From Corporate Control

In New Mexico a resolution passed through the state legislature on Feb. 13, calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to free democracy from corporate control.

Montana Supreme Court Rejects Argument that Citizens United Ruling Voids State Law

On December 30, the Montana Supreme Court issued a stunning ruling, rejecting arguments that the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Citizens United vs. FEC applied to Montana’s century-old ban on direct corporate election spending.