Bartle Hall protests outside Wal-Mart's annual convention in
January 2005

January 2005 flyer with sources
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Wal-Mart's Effect, Letter to the Editor, by Donna Constantineau
published in The Kansas City Star, January 2005

Demonstrations held at Wal-Mart's annual convention at Bartle Hall, Saturday January 22, and Monday, January 31, 2005. Channel 41(KSHB) broadcast a short segment featuring the Monday January 31 demonstration, and that segment showed how disagreement existed over benefits of Wal-Mart. Closing remarks included an interview with K-State Agricultural Economics Professor David Darling's remarks of how studies show that a Wal-Mart store may provide short-term benefit in terms of jobs, but long term effects include net job loss.

Bartle Hall Protest