Montana “From Here to Democracy” Workshop Rescheduled to Feb 2

Strategies for Revoking Corporate Power and Building the Democracy Movement in Montana


This event, initially planned for Dec. 8, has been postponed to February 2, 2013. Please email to get notice when registration opens. If you registered for Dec. 8, you should have received an email with option to move your registration or receive a full refund.


Join us in Bozeman for this special one-day workshop and strategy retreat, facilitated by Jeff Milchen, Reclaim Democracy’s founder and nationally-known speaker and writer.

Milchen’s commentaries on behalf of pro-democracy and localization work have been published by more than 40 newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, Adbusters, The Ecologist and many others. He also speaks internationally on these topics.

Many of today’s Democracy Movement leaders made leaps forward in their work as a result from participating in workshops much like this (including several led by Milchen).

Corporations wield great power over our elections, our government agencies, lawmakers and much of civil society, often using that power to advance their interests at the expense of the public good.

How can we reign in corporate power and ensure that corporations act responsibly?

This workshop and strategy retreat will grapple with the roots of corruption of our democracy and help you gain deeper understanding and tools for becoming more effective agents of change.

The workshop will prod you to question some of your basic assumptions, deepen your understanding, and ultimately help sharpen your focus and effectiveness as an active citizen. We’ll work to develop strategies on how each campaign we wage in Montana can be part of a larger movement to dismantle corporate power and revive democracy. We’ll also explore “next steps” after the overwhelming, but symbolic success of the I-166 initiative.

The bulk of the workshop consists of facilitated discussion geared toward creating effective strategies. Well touchg n these topics before delving into MT-specific discussion of strategies.

  • A brief history of corporations and democracy and corporate shaping of culture in the U.S. today.
  • “What’s the problem?” exploring a range of views on the real roots of the problems we are working to solve.
  • The nature of corporations — getting to know the adversary.
  • Lessons of both our successful and failed U.S. social movements and the general characteristics of successful movements.
  • Analyzing mechanisms of corporate rule and mechanisms of indoctrination into corporate thinking.
  • Exploring avenues for reviving democracy vs. working on corporate turf, escaping the limits of our own preconceptions, and moving from damage control to asserting citizen authority.
  • Evaluating “new paradigm” models for systemic change and relating current work to past successful social movements.
  • Bringing it home to our own work. A look at how some current issues could be framed and focused differently. How can our improved understanding of our systemic problems be converted to opportunities for successful organizing and impact?

10am-4pm, Saturday, February 2, 2012

All who care about revitalizing our democratic republic and returning corporations to their intended role — as business entities

$25 for early bird registrations
$35 for general admission
Includes a delicious catered lunch (we’ll ask advance registrants for dietary preferences), snacks, coffee and other refreshments.

Beall Park Center
415 N. Bozeman Ave
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Maximum of 24 people.

There are several inexpensive to moderate, local independent lodging options on East Main. St. and elsehwere. We can find homestay space for all who desire it upon request.

Click here to reserve your spot tickets. or email with any questions. We look forward to seeing you then!