The Arbitration Gambit: The Corporate Takeover of Our Justice System

It used to be anybody who forged a banking transaction would end up in deep legal trouble. Not anymore – at least if you’re a banker. You might get fired as four senior Wells Fargo managers were recently. But the police won’t be looking for you. What’s worse, if you are a victim of the […]

Snuffing Runaway Corporate Power at the Source: Our Money

“If you don’t like the growth of giant corporations, stop giving them your money,” said Jeff Milchen (Reclaim Democracy’s Executive Director at the time) in 1997. While this does not suggest exercising our power as consumers is sufficient by itself to solve the problem of runaway corporate power, we too often find the importance of our […]

Exxon CEO Now Concerned About Local Fracking Impacts…In His Community

The CEO of a corporation engaged in fracking activities nationwide sues to stop it in his neighborhood, claiming the right to an “upscale community free of industrial properties.”

Amazon Plays Hardball on Tax Avoidance in Texas

Texas is among many states subsidizing Amazon Corporation. State officials offered well over $250 million in tax exemptions — $100,000 per job created — to get about 2500 fulfillment center jobs. Then Amazon shut down the facility.

Walmart CEO Memo on Meeting with Obama “Equal Parts Arrogance and Ignorance”

Occupy Walmart | Book Cover

After meeting with the President, Walmart’s CEO issued a 216-word statement that was equal parts arrogance and ignorance. “The Walmart Statement on Fiscal Cliff Meeting with President Obama”, as it’s called, is peppered with hipocrisy and self-serving statements.

Three Sponsors Dump the Presidential Debates While Citizen Groups Call for Disclosure of Agreement

Philips Electronics recently became the third entity to drop sponsorship of the debates in the face of criticism for its deliberate exclusion of all but Democratic and Republican candidates and its ongoing neglect of critical issues