When Money Is Speech, Speech Is Not Free

Supreme Court majority says candidates must have unfettered right to turn personal wealth into political advantage.

Supreme Court: Government Can Suppress Speech of Citizens, Not Corporations

The Supreme Court has loosened restrictions on campaign financing by ruling that corporations and unions are entitled to run a wider variety of political ads in the final weeks of federal elections.

Building Grassroots Democracy

Reports on selected local and state level initiatives.

A Blow Against the Corporate Empire

California community blazes a trail that others should explore.

It’s Time to Overrule the Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court once again made itself a roadblock to political equality last month when it struck down a Vermont law that attempted to protect the political voice of average citizens.

ReclaimDemocracy.org Amicus Curiae Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in Randall v. Sorrell

A Friend of the Court brief prepared by Reclaim Democracy for the case of Randall v. Sorrell.

The Question Nobody’s Asking Bush’s Nominees

Corporations are standing behind their right to “Free Speech” to defend dubious business practices.