Leaked Agreement Shows Candidates View CPD Events as Joint Campaign Appearances, Not Real Debates

Thanks to an insider leaking the 2012 agreement between the Rs and Ds, we again see the degree to which the candidates control nearly every detail in the debates to avoid any hint of spontaneity or unpredictability. Some of the dictates, such as describing camera angles and details of stools, seem like harmless obsessions. But read closely…

Debating the Presidential Debates

One of our board members debated an apologist for the Commission on Presidential Debates on Canada’s most popular radio show (2.5 million listeners) this morning. Topics covered include the exclusion of third-party candidates, limits on debate questions imposed by the Commission, and more.

NY Times’ National Editor Says It’s Not His Job to Distinguish Truth from Fiction

No doubt there are many days when editors, even at the largest news outlets, have too many articles to read thoroughly and let a mistake slip through. Perhaps even a serious mistake like that made last Monday in the New York Times. Only this was on the front page. And instead of correcting obviously bad […]

What the Rulers Don’t Understand

The protests that began in Wisconsin this year, and which now also fill the streets of Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, and this week, Washington D.C., have gotten the attention of the American political class. 2011 is becoming a remake of the 1999 Battle of Seattle, except this time the protests are ongoing, national and global, and the target is not the WTO but the entire edifice of corporate capitalism.

Propaganda and the Voter ID Campaign

Lorraine Minnite exposes the deceptions spread by those seeking to restrict voting.


Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.

Who Says the Debates Need to Change? Voices from All Over the Political Spectrum Decry Duopoly Control

Leading thinkers from across the political spectrum agree that presidential debates, as they now are, don’t work. Here’s what they have to say.