NY Times’ National Editor Says It’s Not His Job to Distinguish Truth from Fiction

No doubt there are many days when editors, even at the largest news outlets, have too many articles to read thoroughly and let a mistake slip through. Perhaps even a serious mistake like that made last Monday in the New York Times. Only this was on the front page. And instead of correcting obviously bad […]


Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.

The Language of Power, Fear and Emptiness

To create a dependency dynamic between him and the electorate, Bush describes the nation as being in a perpetual state of crisis and then attempts to convince the electorate that it is powerless and that he is the only one with the strength to deal with it. He attempts to persuade people they must transfer power to him, thus crushing the power of the citizen, the Congress, the Democratic Party, to concentrate all power in the imperial presidency and the Republican Party.

The Commission on Presidential Debates’ Exclusion of Vital Issues

The nationally televised presidential debates should address a broad range of national issues that most concern citizens. But under the control of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), many of the greatest concerns of the American public are excluded from discussion entirely.

Clear Channel: the Media Mammoth that Stole the Airwaves

Clear Channel Communications of San Antonio is one of the largest media companies in the United States. The mega-company has gained a reputation for its ugly hardball tactics. Clear Channel has played a leading role in destroying media diversity in the United States. What’s been sorely lacking is strategic coordination of efforts to amplify their impact and link up with broader media-policy initiatives.