Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to Free Democracy From Corporate Control

In New Mexico a resolution passed through the state legislature on Feb. 13, calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to free democracy from corporate control.

Bozeman Resolution on Coal Trains

A resolution of the Bozeman City Commission to request that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hold a public hearing in Bozeman, Montana, and that it prepare a comprehensive Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) on the cumulative impacts of new and expanded coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon.

Debating the Community Values Act

A debate over a proposed ordinance in Olympia, Washington which would allow the community to grade private businesses and close those that don’t live up to community expectations.

Court Upholds Superstore Ban in Turlock, CA

A Stanislaus County Superior Court judge has upheld a city ordinance that kept Wal-Mart from building a supercenter near Fulkerth Road.

Democrats in Washington State Officially Oppose “Money = Speech” Precedent and Corporate Personhood

The text of a resolution put forward by Democrats in Washington state which officially opposes “money = speech” precedent and corporate personhood.

Montanans Organize to Stop Coal Trains, Exports

Plans by coal corporations could create five-fold increase in train traffic, extensive traffic delays and large increases in noise and air pollution.

The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force On Presidential Debates A Blueprint for Fair and Open Presidential Debates

The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force on Fair Debates is a project of the Appleseed Electoral Reform Project at American University Washington College of Law. The Appleseed Project addresses the rising dominance of private wealth and corporate soft money in our elections and the corresponding decline in the quantity and quality of political participation by citizens. The Project engages in advocacy and scholarship on a broad range of electoral reform issues.