What We Can Learn About Corporations From the Man Who Sold Shares in Himself

Mike Merrill

Wired.com recently posted an amusing article about a man who sold shares in himself in exchange for a cut of his future earnings and the right to make decisions about his life. The consequences shed light on problems of our system of corporate ownership, problems which are otherwise difficult to see.

Black Friday Now Black Thursday, But Don’t Expect the Best Bargains on Either

The competition for Black Friday deals intensifies

Instead of spending time with their families on Thanksgiving this year, employees for Walmart, Target and other chains are being asked to work on that day. Meanwhile Black Friday deals aren’t nearly what they’re chalked up to be, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal.

Runaway CEO Pay and the Myth of “Shareholder Democracy”

CEO pay has become so unhinged from logic that even even Christopher Cox, President Bush’s Security and Exchange Commission Chairman, has vowed reform.

Why Privatizing Social Security Would Weaken Our Republic

Privatization increases risk for prospective retirees without solving the long-term Social Security financing shortfall (if there even is one). It also creates new costs (portfolio management, government oversight) without guaranteeing future retirement benefits.

Will Corporate Theft from Workers Be Taken As Seriously as Swindling Investors?

Experts on compensation say that the illegal doctoring of hourly employees’ time records is far more prevalent than most Americans believe. The practice, commonly called shaving time, is easily done and hard to detect – a simple matter of computer keystrokes – and has spurred a growing number of lawsuits and settlements against a wide range of businesses.

Costco’s Dilemma: Is Treating Employees Well Unacceptable for a Publicly-Traded Corporation?

When it comes to workers, companies can be accused of not paying enough — or paying too much.

U.S. Health Care Spending Reaches All-Time High: 15% of GDP

A Department of Health and Human Services totaled health care costs at $1.55 trillion, the highest ever recorded.