Take Action: Protect Your Right to Know the Source of Your Food

Millions of Americans now seek out dairy products coming from farms that do not inject their cows with synthetic growth hormones. In response is trying to make it hard for consumers to find out where their milk comes from.

The Story of Wal-Mart and Chilean Salmon

Wal-mart sells salmon at a price that seems too good to be true. Is it? What exactly did Wal-Mart have to do to get salmon so cheaply?

The Root of Sago Mine Disaster: Corporate Crime Pays

In the aftermath of the Sago mine disaster, the Bush Administration issued familiar and predictable promises to conduct a full investigation and take “necessary steps to ensure that this never happens again.”

“Sunset Commission” Hands Dangerous Level of Power to President

Hand-picked panel would wield power to eliminate disfavored federal agencies unless overridden by Congress.

Supreme Court Rules Against Immunity for Dow Chemical

Bush Administration filed brief asking Court to protect pesticide companies and deny compensation to victimized farmers.

Asbestos and Sham Bankruptcies

WR Grace & Co. used accounting trickery to “go bankrupt,” and thereby avoid fully compensating more than 1,000 Montana residents who had been exposed to deadly asbestos dust.

U.S. Baby Death Rates Exceeds Cuba, Beijing

If the U.S. had an infant mortality rate as good as Cuba’s, we would save an additional 2,212 American babies a year.