NY Times Rails Against Fake Drugs, but Ignores the Role of Corporate Power in Creating the Demand

A victim of fake drugs?

The New York Times recently editorialized on the problem of fake drugs but failed to mention a core reason for the problem: a patent system that keeps drug prices beyond the reach of people who need them, even for drugs developed with taxpayer money.

Win for environmental law, loss for Walmart

A California state appellate court has dealt a blow to Walmart’s strategy of using petition drives to push through approval of new superstores while avoiding California’s environmental law.

Kicking the Coal Habit

Coal isn’t far behind firearm homicides or drunk driving in killing people in the US, annually causing 24,000 heart attacks, 217,600 asthma attacks, and dispatching 13,200 Americans. No wonder so many citizens increasingly oppose its use and export.

Bozeman Resolution on Coal Trains

A resolution of the Bozeman City Commission to request that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hold a public hearing in Bozeman, Montana, and that it prepare a comprehensive Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) on the cumulative impacts of new and expanded coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon.

Detroit Resident Calls Bullshit on “Food Desert” Propaganda

Though not every neighborhood is served, Detroit has many local independent grocers, including ground-breaking models.

A Dirty Business

The story of a coal mine slurry spill and the Bush Administration’s attempts to cover it up.

“Clean Coal” Is a Lie

In June, the Senate rejected the Climate Security Act, which would have put America on track to slash greenhouse-gas emissions by 71 percent by 2050.