Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.


Reclaim Democracy’s PDF primers are resource references as well as concise introductions to issues we address. They’re great education/outreach tools and all may be freely copied and distributed in their unaltered form.

Critical Thinking Curriculum

Here are hands-on, practical ideas to get teachers and students started. We welcome your own ideas to help our children become savvy media users.

Media Literacy

Media education is critical to increasing awareness of corporate influence in our society. Here we provide some resources which can be used in a media education curriculum.

English/Language Arts

Exercises and projects to help students understand how language affects what we believe and where we focus


Projects to help students understand how government can control and manipulate, or be manipulated by, media


Projects to help students understand how the media economics influences and limits media content