On Sales Tax, Amazon Wins Even When it Loses

Soon, Amazon customers will finally pay sales tax. While that may seem to be a victory against Amazon’s aggressive rent-seeking, it isn’t. The company is accepting the taxes on its terms. In fact, the national law compelling Amazon to pay sales tax will help it save money as it builds warehouses.

Corporate Welfare Grows to $154 Billion even in Midst of Major Government Cuts

The Embodiment of Corporate Welfare Himself - Mr. Moneybags

Even as the federal government executes major cutbacks, it’s giving huge subsidies in the form of tax breaks to industry, a fact legislators rarely acknowledge. The Boston Globe recently published a thorough and eye-popping report detailing the nature and extent of these breaks. A must-read.

NY Times Rails Against Fake Drugs, but Ignores the Role of Corporate Power in Creating the Demand

A victim of fake drugs?

The New York Times recently editorialized on the problem of fake drugs but failed to mention a core reason for the problem: a patent system that keeps drug prices beyond the reach of people who need them, even for drugs developed with taxpayer money.

Amazon Plays Hardball on Tax Avoidance in Texas

Texas is among many states subsidizing Amazon Corporation. State officials offered well over $250 million in tax exemptions — $100,000 per job created — to get about 2500 fulfillment center jobs. Then Amazon shut down the facility.

Amazon.com Usurps Process of Direct Democracy to Perpetuate Corporate Subsidy

Amazon executives like the 5%-10% subsidy they enjoy in California (and many states) by virtue of not collecting sales tax and who can blame them? But why do we allow corporations to supplant democratically-elected officials?

The Gap Between Statutory and Real Corporate Tax Rates

The U.S. federal tax code requires corporations to pay 35 percent of their profits in income taxes. But of the 275 Fortune 500 companies that made a profit each year from 2001 to 2003 and for which adequate information is publicly available, only a few paid taxes near that statutory rate. Most paid much less.

Articles on Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Issues

A big mess of articles and resources with everything you need to familiarize yourself with Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Issues.