Roots of Rebellion: Why Montana is the Only State to Reject Citizens United

A long history of corporate abuse, which includes bribery of state legislators, environmental abuses, and manipulation through ballot initiatives, has led Montanans to take strong measures to protect themselves.

Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to Free Democracy From Corporate Control

In New Mexico a resolution passed through the state legislature on Feb. 13, calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to free democracy from corporate control.

Montana Supreme Court Rejects Argument that Citizens United Ruling Voids State Law

On December 30, the Montana Supreme Court issued a stunning ruling, rejecting arguments that the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Citizens United vs. FEC applied to Montana’s century-old ban on direct corporate election spending.

What the Rulers Don’t Understand

The protests that began in Wisconsin this year, and which now also fill the streets of Manhattan, Boston, Chicago, and this week, Washington D.C., have gotten the attention of the American political class. 2011 is becoming a remake of the 1999 Battle of Seattle, except this time the protests are ongoing, national and global, and the target is not the WTO but the entire edifice of corporate capitalism.


Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.

Berkeley Resolution Rejects Corporate Constitutional “Rights”

A transcript of Berkeley’s resolution, along with notes on why and how to advance such a resolution in your own town.

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad

The court reporter’s notes from the case that ended up giving corporations rights of personhood, even though the justices offered no written opinion on the matter