Why Privatizing Social Security Would Weaken Our Republic

Privatization increases risk for prospective retirees without solving the long-term Social Security financing shortfall (if there even is one). It also creates new costs (portfolio management, government oversight) without guaranteeing future retirement benefits.

Black-Majority Congressional Districts May Undermine Black Americans’ Political Power

An article discussing the changes in race and party redistricting.

Fred Korematsu Speaks Out on Racial Profiling and Scapegoating

Korematsu, a man who was arrested and convicted for being a Japanese American, reflects on the prejudice he has faced and how it is still affecting him today.

Will the Induce Act Outlaw Silly Putty?

A bill could make even the simplest download of music illegal.

Right to Remain Silent Undermined by Supreme Court’s Hiibel Ruling

Now, when a police officer suspecting you of a crime stops you in the street and asks your name, you can be prosecuted for refusing to answer.

The Dangerous Illusion of CAPPS II

Proposed Air Security Program Threatens Our Privacy and Safety, Not Terrorists

The Unconstitutional Patriot Act

The part of the Patriot Act that bars “expert advice or assistance” to foreign terrorist organizations was struck down by a Los Angeles federal judge.