The Citizens’ Presidential Debate Commission

Presidential debates exclude serious candidates and ignore important issues. The Citizens’ Debate Commission is a way to fix that.

To the ACLU: Granting Bill of Rights Protections to Corporations Undermines Citizens’ Rights

A letter we wrote and submitted to the ACLU during the 2003 Nike v Kasky Supreme Court battle, objecting to the ACLU’s support for the idea the corporations should be considered human beings.

Supreme Court Rules Corporations Are Free to Dominate Elections — Citizens’ Movement Emerges to Overrule the Court

National coordinated campaigns unite to revoke corporate personhood, corporate “free speech,” and secure citizens’ rights.

The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force On Presidential Debates A Blueprint for Fair and Open Presidential Debates

The Appleseed Citizens’ Task Force on Fair Debates is a project of the Appleseed Electoral Reform Project at American University Washington College of Law. The Appleseed Project addresses the rising dominance of private wealth and corporate soft money in our elections and the corresponding decline in the quantity and quality of political participation by citizens. The Project engages in advocacy and scholarship on a broad range of electoral reform issues.

Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States

In the early days of our country, business corporations were intended to serve a specific purpose–performing one designated business activity–and nothing else. Our country’s founders had a healthy fear of corporations and allowed them to form only with strict limits. Most of this vital history is unknown to citizens today, but it can provide critical understanding and tools for solving today’s most pressing problems.

Movement to Abolish Corporate Personhood Gaining Traction

In the year and a half since the Citizens United decision, Americans from all walks of life have become concerned about corporate dominance of our government and our society as a whole.

U.S. Supreme Court v. Democracy: Crucial Battle Underway

After hearing arguments during its last term in the case of Citizens United v FEC, the Supreme Court took unusual action by inviting re-argument of the case to evaluate long-standing law that prevent corporations from directly spending to influence election outcomes.