Capsule Book Review: Overruling Democracy The Supreme Court vs. the American People

by Jamin B. Raskin (2003)

We were excited by this book because we work directly on many of the issues American University law professor Jamin Raskin highlights in this book, including amending the Constitution to deny corporations the status of persons, establishing a Constitutional right to vote, and creating open and democratic presidential debates.

Raskin provides sharp analysis and more detail on such issues that we’ve covered briefly in our online articles and newsletter, though Raskin does so from an unabashedly liberal perspective. He also covers several other engaging topics under the broad theme of the Court’s growing opposition to, and supression of, democracy in the past several decades.

The only major disappointment was the absence of direction to organizations and concrete actions for people to engage in constructive change. That’s no problem for visitors to our site, who can easily find such resources on our links and primers pages, but for casual readers it may be a significant omission we hope will be filled in future printings.

Overruling Democracy is informative and a fast read that provides a great introduction to many key constitutional issues.