Articles on Corporate Welfare and Corporate Tax Issues

Corporate Tax Evasion and Tax Rate Issues

Apr 2007
Big Tax Breaks for Big Boxes (Syracuse Post Register)
Feb 2007
Wal-Mart: Always Low Taxes (Baltimore Sun)
Jan 2007
Transnational Corporations Dodging Taxes Through “Transfer Pricing”
Sep 2006
Stop Corporate Tax Evasion in Montana
Nov 2004
The Gap Between Statutory and Real Corporate Tax Rates
Sep 2004
Corporate Taxes Continue to Plummet
Apr 2004
Corporate Tax Evasion via Offshore Subsidiaries: A Primer


Corporate Welfare / Subsidies

July 2005
The Sugar Industry and Corporate Welfare
Apr 2004
Corporate Tax Evasion via Offshore Subsidiaries
Dec 2003
Wal-Mart, the Abuse of Eminent Domain and Corporate Welfare
Nov 2003
Republican Energy Bill Gives Away Billions to Bush Investors
June 2003
Nuclear Power is Corporate Welfare
Apr 2003
Once Foes of Big Tobacco, States Have Been Hooked


Useful Books and Websites on These Issues

  • Perfectly Legal by David Cay Johnson, 2003. The Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter reveals how the U.S. tax system is rigged to allow corporations and the very rich to elude paying anywhere near their official tax rate.
  • – A group dedicated to cutting corporate pork.
  • Citizen Works – has compiled a great deal of useful information on this topic
  • – Guidelines from the libertarian-oriented Cato Institute to help congress reverse corporate welfare.
  • – This page offers several useful resources on curbing corporate welfare.

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