What is Citizens United? | An Introduction

supreme court justices who decided citizens united

Citizens United is two different but related things: a Political Action Committee (PAC) in Washington, D.C., and a Supreme Court case about election spending in which the aforementioned PAC was the plaintiff. Both lie at the center of a debate over the role corporations should play in society.

Surprise! Citizens United Legal Reasoning Doesn’t Rely on Corporate Personhood

There’s a misconception spreading that Citizens United is an extension of corporate personhood. It’s not. While it’s true that Citizens United strengthened 1st amendment protections for corporations, the basis for that protection isn’t personhood. Rather, the court’s decision rests on something else.

Black Friday Now Black Thursday, But Don’t Expect the Best Bargains on Either

The competition for Black Friday deals intensifies

Instead of spending time with their families on Thanksgiving this year, employees for Walmart, Target and other chains are being asked to work on that day. Meanwhile Black Friday deals aren’t nearly what they’re chalked up to be, according to a study by the Wall Street Journal.

Walmart vs Target Redux: More Alike Than You Think

80 percent of the products in Target and Walmart are identical. The prices are often identical, too, and the most recent comparison by Bloomberg Businessweek found only a 46-cent difference between the two retailers per $100 of purchases.

Win for environmental law, loss for Walmart

A California state appellate court has dealt a blow to Walmart’s strategy of using petition drives to push through approval of new superstores while avoiding California’s environmental law.

Debating the Presidential Debates

One of our board members debated an apologist for the Commission on Presidential Debates on Canada’s most popular radio show (2.5 million listeners) this morning. Topics covered include the exclusion of third-party candidates, limits on debate questions imposed by the Commission, and more.

U.S. Conference of Mayors Takes Stand Against Corporate Personhood

The U.S. Conference of Mayors recently signed a resolution stating that corporations should not receive the same legal rights as natural persons do, that money is not speech and that independent expenditures should be regulated.