Constitutional Amendments Seem Impossible Until They Become Inevitable

It was a great benchmark of progress for the Democracy Movement when the NY Times published four essays on the merits of amending the Constitution to revoke the dominance of money over elections. We added reference links and some comments in publishing them here.

Walmart vs Target Redux: More Alike Than You Think

80 percent of the products in Target and Walmart are identical. The prices are often identical, too, and the most recent comparison by Bloomberg Businessweek found only a 46-cent difference between the two retailers per $100 of purchases.

Leaked Agreement Shows Candidates View CPD Events as Joint Campaign Appearances, Not Real Debates

Thanks to an insider leaking the 2012 agreement between the Rs and Ds, we again see the degree to which the candidates control nearly every detail in the debates to avoid any hint of spontaneity or unpredictability. Some of the dictates, such as describing camera angles and details of stools, seem like harmless obsessions. But read closely…

Walmart CEO Memo on Meeting with Obama “Equal Parts Arrogance and Ignorance”

Occupy Walmart | Book Cover

After meeting with the President, Walmart’s CEO issued a 216-word statement that was equal parts arrogance and ignorance. “The Walmart Statement on Fiscal Cliff Meeting with President Obama”, as it’s called, is peppered with hipocrisy and self-serving statements.

Win for environmental law, loss for Walmart

A California state appellate court has dealt a blow to Walmart’s strategy of using petition drives to push through approval of new superstores while avoiding California’s environmental law.

Debating the Presidential Debates

One of our board members debated an apologist for the Commission on Presidential Debates on Canada’s most popular radio show (2.5 million listeners) this morning. Topics covered include the exclusion of third-party candidates, limits on debate questions imposed by the Commission, and more.

Three Sponsors Dump the Presidential Debates While Citizen Groups Call for Disclosure of Agreement

Philips Electronics recently became the third entity to drop sponsorship of the debates in the face of criticism for its deliberate exclusion of all but Democratic and Republican candidates and its ongoing neglect of critical issues