Usurps Process of Direct Democracy to Perpetuate Corporate Subsidy

Amazon executives like the 5%-10% subsidy they enjoy in California (and many states) by virtue of not collecting sales tax and who can blame them? But why do we allow corporations to supplant democratically-elected officials?


Descriptions of Reclaim Democracy’s main initiatives. Includes efforts to revoke corporate “free speech”, to improve political debates, and to improve education.

Reports and Economic Impact Studies on Wal-Mart and Big Box Development

Links to a variety of studies and reports examining Walmart’s social and economic effects

Give a Gift to Your Local Economy

Whether to patronize a chain or a locally owned business is not top of mind for many holiday shoppers, but it should be. It’s a choice that has profound implications for our economy.

Homegrown Businesses, Not Global Chains, Build Community Prosperity

Advocates for globalization ignore its costs, and consequently fail to recognize the advantages of local, homegrown businesses.


Reclaim Democracy depends on the efforts of volunteers in almost every realm of our work. You can help! Here are a few of the ongoing opportunities.

Who Says the Debates Need to Change? Voices from All Over the Political Spectrum Decry Duopoly Control

Leading thinkers from across the political spectrum agree that presidential debates, as they now are, don’t work. Here’s what they have to say.