Walmart Fails to Benefit Minority Contractors

There was once hype for the idea that local businesses and minority communities would benefit by Walmart’s presence. It seems the optimism was misplaced.

Workers At Walmart-Contracted Warehouse Allege Wage Theft

A group of workers has accused Schneider Logistics, a Walmart contractor, and Reliable Staffing, an Illinois-based temp agency, of violating state and federal labor laws at a warehouse where the workers handle goods bound for Walmart stores.

More Cities and Counties Pass Resolutions in Support of Amending the Constitution

Fort Bragg, California, Madison, Wisconsin, and Dane County, Wisconsin all recently passed resolutions calling for amending the U.S. Constitution to revoke corporate personhood.

At Oral Argument in Dukes Case, Supreme Court Male Majority Appears Ready to Revoke Class Action Status

Female workers suing retail giant Wal-Mart Stores for workplace discrimination faced an uphill battle at the Supreme Court on Tuesday in their efforts to proceed in a massive class-action lawsuit.