Wal-Mart Negotiates Its Own Fine for Alleged Child Labor Law Violations

Imagine if street criminals received two weeks notice before police began investigating a crime in which they were the primary suspect. And imagine the suspect could plea-bargain away 24 charges against them by paying a fine equal to the amount of money they make in less than 18 seconds — and it was tax-deductible.

Wal-Mart Moves Into Banking and Financial Services

Hinting of big ambitions, Wal-Mart tries to apply its low-cost high-volume strategy to banking.

Why Privatizing Social Security Would Weaken Our Republic

Privatization increases risk for prospective retirees without solving the long-term Social Security financing shortfall (if there even is one). It also creates new costs (portfolio management, government oversight) without guaranteeing future retirement benefits.

Wal-Mart Workers in Tennessee Need Medicaid to Get By

In states that evaluate which employers put the greatest drain on taxpayers for aid to low-wage workers, Wal-Mart consistently leads the pack, as shown in this example from Tennessee.