Disenfranchising Blacks as Political Strategy

“Spoilage” Rates Determined by Technology, Not Voters

Oklahoma Democratic Party Opposes Corporate Welfare, Personhood

The Oklahoma Democratic party is the first major party that we’re aware of to officially oppose “corporate personhood” at the state level since the 1800s. Similar platforms and resolutions were passed in Washington, New Hampshire and Maine in 2004.

Berkeley Becomes Latest U.S. Municipality to Oppose Corporate Constitutional “Rights”

Last updated June 16, 2004 Members of our San Francisco Bay Area chapter spearheaded a campaign that culminated on June 15, 2004 with passage of this resolution by the Berkeley City Council. Berkeley is the third California municipality to pass such a resolution, following Arcata and Point Arena. The resolution does not carry immediate legal […]

Democrats in Washington State Officially Oppose “Money = Speech” Precedent and Corporate Personhood

The text of a resolution put forward by Democrats in Washington state which officially opposes “money = speech” precedent and corporate personhood.