Bush Gives Legal Immunity to Transnational Oil Corporations in Iraq

Through the Development Fund and the Export-Import Bank programs, the Iraqi people’s oil will finance U.S. corporate entrees into Iraq. In the long term, Executive Order 13303 protects anything those corporations do to seize control of Iraq’s oil, from the point of production to the gas pump — and places oil companies above the rule of law.

Argument Against a Bank of Wal-Mart

President of CountryBank USA, in North Dakota, presents the FDIC with concerns about Wal-Mart’s maneuvers to go into the banking business.

Book Chains Versus the First Amendment

If the book chains continue displacing community-based booksellers, we all will lose out as prices climb higher (B&N already has eliminated the heavy discounting on which it built market share). More importantly, the diversity of published thought will erode in a market dominated by a few centralized powers.

When Silence is Not Golden: Negative Free Speech and Human Rights for Corporations

International Dairy Foods represents rivalrous claims upon the First Amendment: the corporate claim upon the right not to be associated with certain speech versus the human right to be informed. It calls attention to the immoral arrangement of granting human rights –those few recognized in the Constitution — to corporations.

The Commission on Presidential Debates’ Exclusion of Vital Issues

The nationally televised presidential debates should address a broad range of national issues that most concern citizens. But under the control of the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), many of the greatest concerns of the American public are excluded from discussion entirely.