Presidential Debates Should Serve Citizens and Democracy, Not Political Parties

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) may sound official, but it’s a private non-profit corporation, owned and controlled by Republican and Democratic party operatives, with most financial support coming from for-profit corporations. The CPD undermines the interests of Americans in several ways.

Snuffing Runaway Corporate Power at the Source: Our Money

“If you don’t like the growth of giant corporations, stop giving them your money,” said Jeff Milchen (Reclaim Democracy’s Executive Director at the time) in 1997. While this does not suggest exercising our power as consumers is sufficient by itself to solve the problem of runaway corporate power, we too often find the importance of our […]

Exxon CEO Now Concerned About Local Fracking Impacts…In His Community

The CEO of a corporation engaged in fracking activities nationwide sues to stop it in his neighborhood, claiming the right to an “upscale community free of industrial properties.”

Whistleblowers Risking It All in Defiance of the Security State

whistleblowers are under attack

The Obama administration has expanded the government’s whistleblower crackdown: it has invoked the Espionage Act seven times to prosecute federal officials suspected of leaking information, more than twice the number of Espionage Act indictments filed under all other presidents combined.

On Sales Tax, Amazon Wins Even When it Loses

Soon, Amazon customers will finally pay sales tax. While that may seem to be a victory against Amazon’s aggressive rent-seeking, it isn’t. The company is accepting the taxes on its terms. In fact, the national law compelling Amazon to pay sales tax will help it save money as it builds warehouses.

What We Can Learn About Corporations From the Man Who Sold Shares in Himself

Mike Merrill recently posted an amusing article about a man who sold shares in himself in exchange for a cut of his future earnings and the right to make decisions about his life. The consequences shed light on problems of our system of corporate ownership, problems which are otherwise difficult to see.

Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Prosecute? Increasingly, Legislators Think Not

For years, legislators have avoided prosecuting some big banks for their crimes, fearing that, thanks to their size, doing so would disrupt the economy. Recently, however, momentum is building in Washington toward reforming the banks.