Reclaim Democracy is hiring!

Reclaim Democracy is hiring a website manager and editorial assistant Reclaim Democracy!, based in Bozeman, Montana is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to revitalize grassroots democracy and revoke corporate power control of our nation. Largely dormant in recent years, we seek to re-activate the organization and our website for fall 2019, which still has a […]

President Reagan’s View on Immigrants and Immigration

From his final speech as President. The entire transcript from the Presidential Medal of Freedom award ceremony is posted at the Reagan Library. January 19, 1989: Now, tomorrow is a special day for me. I’m going to receive my gold watch. And since this is the last speech that I will give as President, I think […]

Election 2018: A Good Day for Democracy

November 7, 2018 As a non-partisan organization that works to advance democracy, we do not take positions on candidate races, but we’re happy to report that Election Day 2018 yielded success for several important pro-democracy reforms. Re-enfranchising Felons In perhaps the most prominent 2018 ballot question  Florida voters terminated the state’s longstanding disenfranchisement of citizens who […]

The Arbitration Gambit: The Corporate Takeover of Our Justice System

It used to be anybody who forged a banking transaction would end up in deep legal trouble. Not anymore – at least if you’re a banker. You might get fired as four senior Wells Fargo managers were recently. But the police won’t be looking for you. What’s worse, if you are a victim of the […]

Presidential Debates Should Serve Citizens and Democracy, Not Political Parties

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) may sound official, but it’s a private non-profit corporation, owned and controlled by Republican and Democratic party operatives, with most financial support coming from for-profit corporations. The CPD undermines the interests of Americans in several ways.

Snuffing Runaway Corporate Power at the Source: Our Money

“If you don’t like the growth of giant corporations, stop giving them your money,” said Jeff Milchen (Reclaim Democracy’s Executive Director at the time) in 1997. While this does not suggest exercising our power as consumers is sufficient by itself to solve the problem of runaway corporate power, we too often find the importance of our […]

Exxon CEO Now Concerned About Local Fracking Impacts…In His Community

The CEO of a corporation engaged in fracking activities nationwide sues to stop it in his neighborhood, claiming the right to an “upscale community free of industrial properties.”